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The Pet and Garden Centre was established in 1990, as a family run business. home_imgThroughout the last 25 years we have been developing our expertise so that we can give you the friendly and professional advice that you’ll need. With over 25¬†years’ experience and a large amount of stock, whatever you need, our pet shop will be able to supply you with it. From cats to parrots, we have a lot of pets Whether you are looking for a pet to cuddle or something to amaze your friends, we are sure to have what you’re looking for.



Welcome to Hanwell Pet Store

We have an array of animals, check out our pets page for a list of what we currently stock. We also love for our customers to come and visit our pet shop, there will surely be an animal that you fall in love with. You’ve got the pet; now ensure that it’s happy Whether it’s a new vivarium your pet needs or just a new dog collar. If your pet could need it, we may just stock it.

We have many pet supplies and accessories to keep your pet entertained for hours.We also stock a range of high quality pet food, ensuring your pet has a happy tummy and a healthy diet.